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Great mosaic with two theater masks. The original piece was discovered in 1824 in a vineyard of the Aventine on the site of the baths built by the emperor Trajan Decius. It represents two masks: the female mask presents a woman with large eyes and wide open mouth; his hair, with its long curly braids, is tied by a ribbon that forms a knot above the center of the forehead. The physiognomic features of man are accentuated and ridiculed: the enormous mouth, the protruding eyes, the wrinkled cheeks; its head is crowned with ivy and berries, plants related to Dionysian worship, the importance of which was fundamental in the birth of the Greek theater. These masks belong to two "types" of the Comédie Nouvelle, which developed in the course of the Hellenistic period: the young woman, sometimes saddened by her misfortunes, and the slave, fearful and mocking.It dates from the second century AD, perhaps from the time of Hadrian.Delivered with a wooden frame.

Each mosaic is unique and can be presented flat, put into the floor, or presented as a painting (an attaching system is present on the back).

Craft work, full hand made, with many natural stones as marble, granite, travertine, quartz, limestone,...

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